1. I think this is on Telegraph. I also really like his cat.

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  2. "My friend Lydia once swallowed a piece of gum and was told that gum takes seven years to digest in your stomach. Whether or not that is true is not the point. The point is that she remembered that date and seven years later had a big party where everyone swallowed a piece of gum so they could have another party in another seven years.

    I read somewhere that a big change in a man’s life comes every seven years, and I think that has been true for me. This has gotten me worried, because my birthday is coming up and the only big changes I can think of are not so good. I’ve always been worried that one day I’ll wake up and suddenly be settled down, sold out, or worse, a born-again Christian. Now with a big change on the horizon, I am trying to think up and stimulate the change myself before an unfavorable one sneaks up and gets me.

    Seven years ago was a big turning point in my life, and also seven years before that. The first was when I started being aware of myself, the world around me, and The Ramones. The second was when I left to travel for the first time ever on a big two and a half month tour, and after ten days our ride and half the band decided to give up and go home. Me and Jasper decided to continue the tour by ourselves somehow, with no money, no car, and barely any equipment. We got dropped off in Pensecola. I remember it vividly, watching the van drive away, sitting on some church steps in the hundred degree heat, and knowing it was all or nothing now. That was when I really started living, there on those church steps, me and Jasper nervous and laughing and hoping it would all work out.

    Somehow that tour did work out, and a lot of impossible things have worked out since. A lot of good things in my life have happened as a direct result of that decision we made back on those steps to take a chance and keep on going. Now it is time for me to take another big chance. I don’t want to swallow gum, but I would like to do something else worth celebrating seven years from now.”

    -Aaron Cometbus


  3. Jack Kerouac reading from On The Road in New York on February 15, 1959.


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    west oakland BART


  5. I’m sorry Mr. Policeman,

    if I wanted to talk, I would have called a friend.

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  6. Broken Bells at the Fox Theater, April 19th. They were exquisite, and so were the ceilings.


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    it’s been 6 months why hasn’t lou reed been resurrected yet


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